Denver Child Photography (Beauty Revived edition)

You may have seen that I was selected as a Beauty Revived Photographer in the early part of the year.  That was a wonderful experience that I enjoyed so much that I applied for and was accepted to photograph for the next edition: 50 Beautiful Children.  I put a call out for children who are inspirational, kind and giving. I was overwhelmed with the response and it was extremely hard choosing the winner.

When I first met Aslyn, she was a bit shy about all she does for others. Thankfully, her family was more than willing to share her accomplishments.

Ashlyn is passionate about animals. So much so, she volunteers at her local Humane Society, attends camp there during her summer break and even asks for donations instead of birthday gifts. Aslyn is such a kind, sweet young lady, it was such a pleasure spending time with her. Oh and she even brought her fun-loving and goofy dog Brighton with her to our photo session. How cute are they together? It is so apparent that Aslyn has such a bond with Brighton and all animals. She is such a gift to our community. I look forward to seeing all that she does in the future. It is no surprise that she wants to be veterinarian.

Though the 50 Beautiful Children magazine won’t be published until August, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos here.

Introducing Brighton

denver child photography

Oh and in case you are wondering, I LOVE when families bring their pets along to be photographed. I just ask that you bring a leash and it a helper so that we can also get some shots without the family pet. So feel free to bring those dogs, cats, and hamsters along next time we are working together.  I hope you enjoyed this example of my Denver Child Photography!

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Park Hill newborn photography

 newborn photography Park Hill

“Oh wow!”.  That was my first impression when walking into this sweet family’s home. Since I always visit the client’s home for newborn photography, I don’t always know what sort of home I will be working in. It’s a fun challenge working in the most comfortable environment for the client’s session. But when I walked into this home for our Park Hill newborn photography session, I knew this would be a fun one! Dad is a furniture designer and together, they have such a fun, modern and gorgeous esthetic. The home had so many unique touches like curved walls, huge windows and so much great art all around. We had a lot of fun finding little nooks where we could photograph the little one.

But looks aren’t everything! It gave me so much joy seeing these new parents interact together. It was almost as if I wasn’t in the room most of the time- which is a photographer’s dream! The baby was only about a week old when I came to photograph her, so clearly mom and dad have not been sleeping well either but they were so happy and excited. They both wanted to hold her at all times and they were always making little jokes. Such a fun time!  I am so lucky to be able to photograph this important time in their lives while meeting super fun people at the same time!


Currently expecting? I am accepting newborn clients born August-November. Please let me know if I can help or you have any questions.


park hill newborn photography

I adore this shot! Both parents are laughing, the baby is too cute and we incorporated a special family treasure in the photo was well. park hill newborn photography

park hill newborn photography

park hill newborn photography Park hill newborn photography


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City Park Newborn Session

city park newborn session:

I was thrilled to when mom reached out to hire me for a city park newborn session. Their sweet little boy had just arrived and I was happy to make room in my schedule. One of the exciting aspects of in-home newborn photography is the fact that each session provides a completely unique setting. Of course it is so convenient to my clients that I simply show up with my gear. But it also allows me to stretch my creative muscles a bit as well.

I hear some clients questioning the light in their home. It is something that I am never worried about though.
This family lives in an older home within the City Park area of Denver. The exquisite abode was filled with intricate woodwork, custom touches and beautiful windows. The home could be considered “dark” in some areas, but luckily, my camera gear is made for low-light situations so that wasn’t a problem at all. I can always find a spot with great light. Sometimes the area is next to the front door, a guest bedroom or even a bathroom.


I love when little ones have a full head of hair. And judging from mom’s think, dark mane, it’s no surprise he has one!

Oh and those sweet little details. Newborns change so fast so it’s important to photograph it all.


Many times, I will just sit back and watch. Seeing parents interact so lovingly just warms my heart. Then I snap away!


Even though he was only about a week old at our session, he was very alert.

And that’s a wrap for this city park newborn session. I hope you enjoyed!

city park newborn session


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Underwater photography for kids

Could there be anything more fun than underwater photography? The answer is no! Last summer I dove head first (see what I did there) into underwater photography. I initially started taking photos of my boys, then gradually added clients. It  it is such a fun and unique way to capture their little personalities. I quickly realized that kids do not always love having their photo take on land BUT most times, they love showing off in the pool! Underwater photography is such a great way to have an exciting and different session for your children or family. I loved this so much, I hired a fellow photographer last summer to take our family’s photos underwater. The photos are proudly displayed around our home. We are fortunate to have a few pools in our neighborhood, though I am also happy to work at a private pool. Please reach out if this is something you may be interested in learning a bit more about.

In the below series, I simply followed by little ones around. I asked them to jump in or show me what tricks they could do. They loved it!

Kids underwater photography

Of course when photography children and family underwater, safety is my main priority. I work with children who are able to swim on their own or with a floatation device. Reach out if you are looking for an exciting and unique way to capture your family in images!


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Visiting Denver Photography

Visiting Denver Photography

It’s no secret that Denver is a beautiful vacation destination. I have found that many times, visitors want to capture those memories of a trip and I am happy to oblige while offering “visiting Denver photography”.
This sweet family was no different and wanted to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather while visiting Denver.  I offered a few locations that I scouted just prior to our session. We settled on one of my favorite spots in the city.
We went to one of my favorite parts of the area. City park offers both city views and mountain views on clear days. It was a perfect backdrop for their session.

This sweet little thing’s name is Winter (love!). She was simply a doll!

One of the best parts of this location is the variety it offers. The look of the park varies from week to week, but almost always has some gorgeous foliage and green grasses. It is beautifully kept up so I know when I take clients there, it will offer a wonderful scene for their photos. I am always happy to offer suggestions for locations. I have traveled all over the area to find just what clients are looking for.



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